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Kilbourn Ave. Chicago, ILDiscover the wonderful world of nature! Kids can get their hands dirty while enjoying the 3-season Harvest Garden youth program, Garden Buddies program for toddlers, environmental-themed projects and crafts, as well as various family workshops throughout the year. Plus, each spring the greenhouse hosts its annual plant sale for community gardeners.

  • Growing Hardy Figs in Ohio
  • Don't rule out fruit trees, even in a small garden
  • Tips for Growing Hardy Chicago Fig Trees (Bensonhurst Purple)
  • Fruit and Nut Varieties That Grow and Do Well In the Chicago Area
  • Which Fruit Trees Can You Grow in Your Yard?
  • Starting a Low-Maintenance Garden Around Chicago, IL
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Growing Hardy Figs in Ohio

Check back here for upcoming dates or contact me for more information. What began as a hobby, has become my business. I specialize in growing Asian pears trees for sale. I also grow other lesser known fruits that are worthy of attention. Every fruit tree and plant I sell would make a wonderful addition to your home orchard.

I have test grown over 60 varieties of fruit trees and plants, and have selected the best varieties for Northern Illinois. The fruit must have superior taste, the trees must be easy to grow, with minimum disease problems. They also must be hardy enough to withstand Chicago's harsh winters. All our trees are grown at our western Illinois orchard, near Wisconsin, where winters reach degrees inBare root fruit trees are available in March through April and are 2 or 3 years old plants.

All plants must be picked up in person at my Skokie home just north of Chicago. They can also be purchased at my booth at one of the Farmer's Markets or local events I attend. I also provide on site home orchard consultation, tree espalier and custom grafting. Contact me for more information.

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Don't rule out fruit trees, even in a small garden

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Fruit and Nuts that Do Well (Grow well and produce a crop) In the Chicago Area of Illinois and similar climates of the midwest · APPLE (Malus pumila) · Apples by.

Tips for Growing Hardy Chicago Fig Trees (Bensonhurst Purple)

This is one of the most prolific figs to grow in cold areas of the northern U. The fall fruits are born on the new canes that grow during the summer, a plant with four new stem growths can produce up to purplish brown figs. The figs are of excellent flavor. Chicago Hardy Fig is one of the most prolific figs to grow in cold areas of the northern U. Often referred to as a Mt. Etna type fig, Chicago Hardy has become one of the most reliable varieties for cold climate growers. One of the easiest fruits to grow, and a true gourmet delight, you should not live your life without feasting on this sweet, delectable fruit. To fully enjoy fresh Figs you must grow your own.

Fruit and Nut Varieties That Grow and Do Well In the Chicago Area

More often than not, most people in Illinois tend to believe that pruning during fall is the perfect time of the year. Pruning is done for several reasons but mostly to maintain safety and to control the size of the tree. The essence of pruning is to create a central main stem that is growing straight up to define its skeletal structure. It can be used for shrubs to create an appealing shape and spread out its branches for better airflow of the shrub. There is a trick to fall pruning and that is its timing.

Fig trees Ficus carica make nice additions to Maryland landscapes. They can be pruned to a shrub or tree form, grown in containers or in-ground, are virtually pest-free, and can produce abundant crops when the proper cultivars are selected and carefully managed.


Interest in everything from nurturing a few houseplants to growing your own food has skyrocketed the past few years. Believe it or not, you can grow some type of fruit tree in most parts of the country from USDA Hardiness Zones 3 to 11 find your zone here. Your local university coop extension service can help you choose the best variety to grow in your area. Most fruit trees need full sun to thrive and produce fruit, which means you need a spot that receives at least six hours of direct sunlight per day. Dig a hole about 2 to 3 times as wide as the container, but only as deep.

Which Fruit Trees Can You Grow in Your Yard?

The fig Ficus carica L. While it is encouraging to see fresh figs available for sale at some grocery stores in the United States, Americans are more familiar with fig cookie than fresh figs. In an effort to test how hardy figs will perform in Ohio, two demonstration plantings one in the open field and one in a high tunnel of several hardy fig cultivars were installed at The Ohio State University South Centers near Piketon, Ohio Figure 1 as part of a Specialty Crop Block Grant from the U. Department of Agriculture through the Ohio Department of Agriculture. The information presented in this fact sheet summarizes the data collected from those plantings from toWhen considering a commercial fig planting in Ohio, you should exercise caution, since this study was short-term and a comprehensive marketing study was not performed. Home gardeners may still use the information included in this fact sheet as a guide.

Want to live near a fig tree or an arborvitae? This is the tree for you! This amazing tree grows in multiple zones and can even withstand.

Starting a Low-Maintenance Garden Around Chicago, IL

Planting your own garden is a wonderful way to learn about plants, try new vegetable varieties, help the environment, and provide your own fresh fruits and vegetables. Gardening in Chicago can be challenging — especially if your garden is organic. But with proper planning, anyone in Chicago can have a successful garden! Your garden will look very different based on where you live in Chicago.

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As its origin suggests, this variety of fig tree is hardy and reliable. Not only a fine ornamental pot plant or strong tree growing to 30 feet when permitted outside, it also produces an enormous crop of plump, delicious figs, beginning its first year! Pruned back to pot dimensions indoors, the tree will still produce high-quality, rich, juicy, sweet figs. It is self-pollinating, and extremely cold-hardy.

If you are looking for somewhere to buy fruit trees for your home orchard, look no further.

I had a calamodin miniature orange tree for almost 25 yrs. Bought it on Spring break when I was in college. Sadly, mine caught some disease last year and met a sudden demise. I'm actually still mourning it. Hope you enjoy your new tree

Want to know all about growing fruit trees in Illinois? There are different things to consider for growing and choosing from the right Illinois fruit trees for sale, such as the. Filled with indescribable mountains, rivers, and gorges, Illinois is predominantly the ancestral home of the Chickasaw, Dakota Sioux, Ho-Chunk tribe Winnebago , Illinois Illini , Miami, and Shawnee tribes.

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