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  • Rubber Plant Ficus elastica 'Robusta'
  • I Overwatered my rubber plant and this is what I learnt.
  • Indoor Plant – American Baby Rubber Plant – Height: 35 cm
  • Rubber Plant (Ficus elastica 'Burgundy')
  • Rubber tree, ficus elastica


The Rubber Plant Ficus elastica could be the ideal houseplant for you if you want a tough but easy going indoor plant that can reach staggering heights within just a few years. The shiny glossy leaves look great in most homes and although young plants start off small they will fill the space in an empty corner quickly.

This plant is sold in a black plastic grow pot. This plant stands at 80cm in height. Light Avoid direct sunlight and very shady areas. Fertilise To produce those massive leaves the Rubber Plant needs feeding.

Little and often is best, a weak balanced feed every couple of watering's during Spring and Summer. Water The Rubber Plant watering needs are simple - they love a good soaking when they're growing, but dislike constantly damp roots. We've found the best way to treat them is to water your plant really well once the soil surface and top inch has dried out, then wait until it dries out in the same way before watering again.

Repotting These plants grow quite big even if their pots are tiny. However there will still come a point where the growth will slow down or even stop. You then have two choices, either leave it where it is and top dress instead.

Topdressing means scraping off the top inch or so of old soil and replacing with fresh compost which introduces fresh nutrients and beneficial microbes back into the old tired potting soil. Toxicity This plant is toxic if ingested so it is best kept out of reach of children and pets. Look Book. Say Hello! Rubber plant - Ficus Robusta 1m. Add To Cart. Cart 0.

Rubber Plant Ficus elastica 'Robusta'

If you hang out on Instagram these days, you will see plants in their prime, with extraordinarily fresh leaves, an elegant stand, incredible colors or rare features. You know it by now, my focus is all about helping you care for your favorite plants on the long run. I hope all the rubber plant parents out there will benefit from that! A healthy Ficus Elastica a.

A rubber tree houseplant needs bright light but prefers indirect light that isn't too hot. Some people recommend putting it near a window that.

I Overwatered my rubber plant and this is what I learnt.

Rubber trees are a fun and unique plant you can add to your Nashville home interior. She told him her plans to buy a rubber tree houseplant to decorate their interior. So, why a rubber tree? Mary pulls out her phone. Everything I read about it made it seem like a fun plant to have, minus the slight toxicity. Same goes for any pets. Jason looks doubtful. It has to be ok, plus it does have some benefits! Rubber tree plants, or ficus elastica , are native to India and Malaysia. Their milky sap has been used to make rubber.

Indoor Plant – American Baby Rubber Plant – Height: 35 cm

The rubber tree , or Ficus elastica , is a very beautiful indoor plant much liked for its shiny thick leathery leaves. Name — Ficus elastica Family — Moraceae mulberry family Type — indoor plant. Height — 10 feet 3 meters indoors Soil — indoor plant soil mix. This tropical plant abhors dry air. It must be provided with as much air moisture as is possible to compensate this lack.

Plant Care Today. It is a Ficus species from the fig genus, a part of the Moraceae fig family, Ficeae tribe, and Urostigma subgenus.

Rubber Plant (Ficus elastica 'Burgundy')

They can grow under low light conditions and only require moderate watering. More in the summer, less in the winter. In the early stages, it displays lovely broad cream and green leaves with tints of pink and burgundy. Later on, it will develop thick stems and large green glossy leaves that can grow up to 20cm long. Choose from 2 sizes: Medium Growing pot size: 14cm Overall plant height including growing pot: cm. Growing pot size: 27cm.

Rubber tree, ficus elastica

The plant was delivered in good shape. Two tears on separate leaves but nothing some TLC cannot handle. The plant is beautiful, perfect addition to my office. What can I say, just an all around beautiful plant. Well worth the money.

A new generation of a classic houseplant, with more compact growth. New leaves emerge from the top of the plant covered with a light-pink sheath for an.

Want an easy-care indoor tree with large, glossy leaves? These Rubber Plant care and growing tips will keep yours looking great. After spending quite a few years in the interiorscaping biz, I found the Rubber Plant to be the easiest of the ficus trifecta which includes the Fiddleaf Fig and Ficus Benjamina to maintain and keep alive. The Ficus lyrata, or Fiddleleaf Fig, is revered in the groovy design world but we know many find it a challenge to grow.

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Rubber trees make excellent houseplants, as they are low-light tolerant, and help clean the indoor air from pollutants. They can grow to impressive heights within a few years, especially if you put the plants outside during the summer. Keeping the plants in small pots will restrict their growth, if you want to keep them smaller. The better the soil, the better your indoor plants will grow. Healthy soil is especially important when growing in a limited area.

Ficus rubber plants can make for the perfect trendy addition to your space. If you want to make your decor pop, add a stylish rubber plant to your home.

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These plants can grow up to 10 feet tall but can be kept shorter with regular pruning. Rubber trees and shrubs are in fact relatively easy to care for. They are most often grown indoors, where they tend to thrive as long as the pot is large enough for the roots to grow. If you are short on space, you can always try baby rubber plants.

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